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medical supplies

Whether you are a Care Home, Doctor, Dentist, Vet or are simply working in a clinical environment, we aim to offer unbeatable quality and value from a trusted a reputable source.

We supply a comprehensive range of Gloves, Paper, Hand Hygiene, Cleaning Materials, Infection Control and Patient Care products as well as Care Home and Medical Equipment.

Our medical supplies division is backed by a seasoned team of procurement specialists, so you can be assured whatever you buy through us, it will be at a highly competitive price. We have years of strong relationships with the best manufacturers of medical products and in some cases we are the sole distributors of those products.

We have a huge range of medical equipment including first aid supplies, medical instruments, hospital equipment, protective clothing and gloves, and much more. Our fantastic range of products ensures that all your supply needs can be met by one company.

In addition to the snapshot of products listed below, we can also source products especially for you, personalise many of our products with your logo or manufacture to your exact specification. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the personal touch so if we don't have exactly what you're after or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Should you have any queries, please contact our Customer Services team on 0796 1329 969 (Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm)

Medical Consumables
  • tickNeedles & Syringes
  • tickCleaning & Infection Control
  • tickHand Hygiene
  • tickSwab Sticks
  • tickSkin & Wound Preparation
  • tickDressing Packs
  • tickMedical & First Aid Instruments
  • tickSterile Suture Packs
Protective Wear
  • tickFace Masks
  • tickMedical Scrubs
  • tickMedical Tunics
  • tickMedical Caps
  • tickGloves
  • tickAprons
  • tickOvershoes
  • tickProtective Headwear
  • tickEye Googles
Diagnostic Equipment
  • tickBlood pressure monitors
  • tickPulse Monitors
  • tickBlood & Urine Testing
  • tickOpthamaloscopes & Ostascopes
  • tickPen Torches
  • tickMedical Thermometers
  • tickStethoscopes
  • tickFob Watches
  • tickScales
Cleaning & Infection Control
  • tickHand Hygiene
  • tickCleaning Sprays
  • tickOdour control
  • tickCleaning Wipes
  • tickMedical Wipes
  • tickCleaning Chemicals & Sterilising
  • tickBins & Waste Control
Paper Disposables
  • tickBlue Rolls
  • tickHand Towels
  • tickWet Wipes
  • tickTissues
  • tickNapkins
  • tickToilet Roll
  • tickFloor Wipes

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